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Very nearly the best thing ever written for the web.  Instantly fun, instantly addictive.

inessential: Early Thoughts on WWDC 2014

It was like the greatest Christmas ever — and then Santa Claus hung out so you could take selfies with him.

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Morning On Mars

 Martian sunrises, as seen by the HiRISE orbiter

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This concept, by Jay Machalani, is pretty much exactly what I want. Especially on the iPad.

It won’t happen in iOS 8, of course. But let’s cross our fingers for something like this in iOS 9. 

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Power breakfast.

So which is it?

The latest crop of iOS 8 rumor reporting claims that iOS 8, when used on the iPad, will have multitasking support for side-by-side application usage.  For an immediate feel for what that might look and behave like, check out OS Experience, a jailbreak tweak that adds windowing and side-by-side multitasking to jailbroken iPads.

While this sounds plausible, we were also told several weeks ago that OS X 10.10, because it is such a huge redesign, required the teams at Apple to take focus away from iOS and concentrate on 10.10.  This also sounds just as plausible, but the two don’t mix.

Listening to this week’s The Prompt, the gentlemen discuss the ramifications of iOS 8 multitasking implemented in this manner, this idea of side-by-side apps.  They are apprehensive about such a thing, and discuss the many caveats and complications that arise from such a large restructuring of the iOS paradigm.  You know, the paradigm in which the home button takes you home, the simple one.  Gleaning from this conversation had by three people who are not on the Apple design team, you could say that such a feature would be very complicated to implement.

So as the title of this post asks, which is it?  Are we getting a massive update to OS X, or a completely new multitasking implementation in iOS?  Do you not also get the feeling that rumors have no memory for previous rumors?

Gaia Gardens, East Lake Commons, and Slow Food Atlanta are partnering once again for the 2014 Edition of Bazaar Bizarro, a country fair and exhibition on an organic farm in the city on Sunday, May 18, from 11am-4pm.  The day will include fantastical aerialist and acrobatic performances, fun games, great food, and a stellar line-up of bands.  All proceeds benefit Slow Food Atlanta.  Tickets can be reserved at or  Tickets will be for sale at the door on the day of, too.  Gaia Gardens is located at 900 Dancing Fox Rd, Decatur, GA, 30032.
Please come to my first performance!  I’ll be playing at 12:20PM, I hope to see you there!

Why Apple Is Buying Beats - stratechery by Ben Thompson

Ben Thompson breaks it all down for you.

Daring Fireball: Titles

I don’t often link to Gruber as everyone has already read him, but this is worth repeating. Women have a hard enough time in tech; the little things that make it hard are so numerous (and sometimes innocuous) that paying attention to every thing is worth it.

Neat Tumblr Trick

Option-Tab at your dashboard, see what happens.

A Conversation On the Value of Community in Art


Hey friends. I wrote a new post on my long-form blog. It’s about you—-how connecting, sharing, & forming relationships with all of you is what really gives art-making value to me. Here’s an excerpt:

My music-making essentially is an interaction with a community.

I don’t really feel like an isolated individual, working alone until I produce something good enough to exhibit; I feel myself to be part of a network of creative people (both makers and enjoyers) who inspire each other, influence each other, share with each other, and give each other feedback.

I don’t release my music to a faceless audience of “fans”—90% of you are friends, acquaintances, or peers of mine! We’re already having a conversation and we’re all interested to see where we can take it; my art wouldn’t exist without the influences and challenges I get from my friends and peers, and I’m sure the same is true for them. Because of this, my creative process isn’t just about what “I” create; it’s about how I contribute to the patchwork of creations and influences that forms and drives this community.

It’s true that the initial creative act can often be purely self-indulgent, but in my experience, I’m finding more and more that the most important part is the exchange that comes from sharing this creative process with others, and using that as a jumping off point for forming deeper, more meaningful relationships.

Read the rest of the article on the mandala eyes blog.

Oh… man

Smart tip from @drdrang, right click on a command in Terminal and bring up the man page.