artist information


ed morris

ishcabittle (at) gmail (dot) com

phone: 773.340.3378


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stage requirements

ishcabittle uses two bass amplifiers, a drum machine amplifier (PA can substitute for a separate drum machine amp), and a pedalboard table.  drum set is standard sized, bass drum, floor tom and rack top, snare and cymbals.


ishcabittle started as one man band, multi-instrumentalist ed morris, writing material while living and working in chicago.  pushing bass, guitar, and keyboards through an electro harmonix 2880 super loop station and syncing that to drum machine beats, ishcabittle can turn a few themes into a danceable tumult in just a few bars.  the band became a two-piece when ed asked his good friend and bandmate from a previous project (thearmorclass) bill brown to play drums for the first recording, ep1.  together, they produce the sound of two drummers, three guitars, two basses, and four keyboards.  ed and bill continue to collaborate long distance with bill in chicago and ed in atlanta.

ed morris has been playing in bands since 1996, singing and trombone for a ten piece ska band, playing bass in rockabilly, avant-guard noise rock, metal, and math rock, and dancing when possible.  he holds a degree in musical performance from georgia southern university.